What is Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

Saraswat Bank Rewardz is Saraswat Bank's loyalty program that rewards our Credit Card holders for using their Saraswat Bank Credit Card to pay for products and services.

What are the benefits of Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

With the program, you earn Saraswat Bank Reward Points for spending with your Saraswat Bank Credit Card. Customers earn 1 Saraswat Bank Point for every Rs100 they spend using their Saraswat Bank Credit Card to pay. The value of each point is 25 paisa.

You can earn Saraswat Bank Reward Points whenever you spend on shopping, dining, watching movies, paying bills and more with your Saraswat Bank Credit Card.

The accumulated Saraswat Bank Reward Points can be redeemed to get products and services from a huge variety of categories such as merchandise, travel tickets, DTH and mobile recharge, movie tickets and more.

How do I become a Saraswat Bank Rewardz member?

As a Saraswat Bank Credit Card holder, you are automatically enrolled in Saraswat Bank Rewardz. To check your Saraswat Bank Point balance and redeem points, you have to activate your account by visiting Follow these steps to activate your account:

  1. Visit and go to the 'New User' option under My Account tab
  2. Provide your Saraswat Bank Customer Identification Number
  3. Enter One-Time-Password (OTP) received on your registered mobile number
  4. Verify personal details and start redeeming
Can I join Saraswat Bank Rewardz if I live outside India but I am an Indian citizen?

As long as you have a valid Saraswat Bank Credit Card, you can join Saraswat Bank Rewardz.

Is Saraswat Bank Rewardz open for Non- Indian citizens?

Yes, if you hold a Saraswat Bank Credit Card, you automatically become a member of Saraswat Bank Rewardz.

What is the postal address to write to Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

Chhibber House, 2nd Floor,
Sakinaka Junction, Andheri-Kurla Road,
Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072, India

What is the Saraswat Bank Rewardz session logout time?

The session logout time is 15 minutes.

My account

How can I check my Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

Go to the 'My Account' page to check your Saraswat Bank Reward Points. Your Saraswat Bank Reward Points also appear on the top left corner of the web pages after you have logged in.

Will I receive a statement of my Saraswat Bank Rewardz and activities?

A monthly statement will be sent to all Saraswat Bank Credit Card holders on their registered e-mail IDs. You can also log into the Saraswat Bank Rewardz website with your login details to view the statement. You must be registered to view your statement on the website.

What is the Customer Care number for Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

The Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care number is 1800 2585 625
Help Desk Timings: 9AM to 6PM (Monday to Saturday)..

What if I am not able to log in?

If you are not able to log in, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Refresh the web page by either hitting the F5 key or the refresh button on the tools menu.
  2. If you do not get the web page again, press CTRL+ F5 and try again.
  3. If you are still not getting the web page, please make sure the web address or URL is and your internet connection is working.
I'm receiving a 'Page Unavailable' message when trying to activate. What should I do?

Please refresh your page and check your internet connection.

I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

Click on the 'Forgot Password' link and enter your User ID. An OTP will be sent to your registered email and mobile number. Post the OTP authentication you can set your new password. Your Password should be between 8 to 16 characters (containing at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one special character and one numeric value).

How do I change my password?

Log in to your account and click on the "Change Password" link. You can change your password then and there. Keep your old password handy and do not forget to reconfirm the new password.


How do I earn Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

You earn Saraswat Bank Reward Points on spending with your Saraswat Bank Credit Card. Pay at Point of Sale and on e-commerce portals using your Credit Card for purchases whenever you can to earn maximum Saraswat Bank Reward Points.

Where can I earn Saraswat Bank Reward Points?

You can earn Saraswat Bank Reward Points anywhere in India by making payments using your Saraswat Bank Credit Card.

What is the validity period of Saraswat Bank Reward Points?

Saraswat Bank Points awarded by the bank are valid for a period of 36 months or 3 years excluding the month of accrual. Additional points earned at Partner Stores are valid for a period of 12 months or 1 year excluding the month of accrual.

What is the value of 1 Saraswat Bank Rewards Point?

Value of 1 Saraswat Bank Point = Rs. 0.25


How do I redeem my Saraswat Bank Reward Points?

You can redeem your Saraswat Bank Reward Points for a wide range of products across categories in merchandise and for services such as movie tickets, air tickets, mobile/DTH recharge & more.
To redeem log on to or call Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care at 1800 2585 625. (9AM to 6PM (Monday to Saturday).).

Why haven't I received my reward yet?

Please see the date mentioned on the copy of the Redemption Receipt. All rewards will reach you within the delivery time specified on the website.

Can I combine Saraswat Bank Reward Points and cash for redemption?

You will soon be able to combine Saraswat Bank Reward Points and cash for redemption.

My computer/ the site/ the application crashed just when I was redeeming [portal-custom:short-name] Points?

Please restart your computer/ Log in to web page and check 'My Request' page. If the redemption request is complete, it will reflect under My Account.

Do I need any minimum number of Saraswat Bank Reward Points for redemption?

You must have a minimum of 1100 Saraswat Bank Reward Points in your account for first redemption post which there is no redemption threshold. You can then redeem as many Saraswat Bank Reward Points as you want for products and services on

Do I need to log onto my account to redeem my Saraswat Bank Reward Points?

To redeem your Saraswat Bank Reward Points on, you need to register yourself on the portal and log in.
You can also redeem your points at Max Get More Merchant stores.
Please click here to get a complete list of such stores.

Flight Booking

Can I book both international and domestic flights?

Yes, you can book domestic as well as international flights on

Can I redeem Saraswat Bank Reward Points for more than one passenger?

Yes, you can redeem Saraswat Bank Reward Points for up to 9 passengers at any given point of time.

Can I book tickets for infants on Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

Yes, you can book one infant per adult on Saraswat Bank Rewardz. The age of infant must be below 24 months on the date of travel. Make sure you carry valid proof-of-age documents at the time of check-in. The infant is not awarded a seat on the flight and has to travel with the accompanying adult.

What's an e-ticket?

An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number that replaces the hassles of a paper ticket. When you purchase an e-ticket, we email it to you within 30 minutes of your booking. Simply print it out and bring it with you - along with a valid photo ID - to the airline counter when checking in for your flight.

I entered my payment details and hit submit - and all I got was a blank screen! I got charged but don't have an e-ticket. What now?

We're really sorry for the inconvenience. In some rare cases, we do not receive the response from the payment gateway on confirmation of payment. In such cases, we would automatically refund the amount charged to your credit card within 15 days. We suggest that in such cases, you book your trip again.

I did a search for flight tickets and selected my flight. However, after providing the passenger details, I see that the fares have increased. Why?

The airline fares are dynamic in nature and are based on availability of the seats on the particular flight. There are always chances that the seats selected by you may get sold by the time you complete your booking. Therefore, to minimize the chances of booking failures, we check the availability of the seats before you proceed with the payment. If you find that the fare has increased at this step, you have the option of going ahead with the booking or refreshing the search.

How do I know my flight was booked?

We'll send you an SMS (to Indian numbers only) and an e-mail to confirm your flight booking.

Can I redeem Saraswat Bank Rewards Points to gift an airline ticket(s)?

Yes, you can easily gift airline tickets to friends/family. However, you need to make the booking in the name of passenger(s) who would be travelling. Please note that air tickets are non-transferable.

What is the minimum timeframe within which I need to redeem before I fly?

There is no minimum timeframe for redeeming your Saraswat Bank Reward Points. You can redeem your Saraswat Bank Reward Points for a flight departing on the same day.

How do I get a boarding pass for an e-ticket?

You can check-in in three ways. Some of the airlines provide a web check-in facility, where you can select your seat, get your boarding pass online and print it. If you use this facility, you will have to approach the check-in counter to drop your baggage.
You can also check-in using Tele check-in service provided by some of the airlines. In such cases, you will have to present your ticket and ID proof at the airline’s check-in counter for issuance of boarding card and for baggage drop. 
Alternatively, you can check-in physically at the airport counters of the airline by presenting your ticket and ID proof.

Do I have to show my e-ticket confirmation email at the airline check-in counter?

Yes, you do. Some airports don’t allow you to enter without a printout of your e-ticket, so be sure to carry one with you. If you've forgotten to carry your e-ticket printout, you can contact the airline ticketing counters at the airport to issue a duplicate itinerary receipt.

Do you issue paper tickets?

No, we do not issue paper ticket.

Do I have to show ID proof at the time of check-in?

Yes. The airline and airport authorities may or may not check your ID proof but we strongly recommend that you carry a government-issued photo-ID proof with you whenever you fly.

How do I find out my baggage limit?

Please contact the airline directly or visit their website for accurate details regarding baggage limit.

I've booked my tickets but need to add my child’s tickets to my booking. How do I do it?

Sorry! We do not allow child below 12 years to be booked individually. Please contact your airline to create the booking of child directly with them.

I misspelled my name while booking a ticket. How do I get it changed?

You can call us to check if the airline with which you've booked the tickets entertains change-of-name requests. Most of them do, and we can pass on your request. However, if the airline doesn’t allow it, you’ll have to cancel and re-book the ticket. A name change fee may be applicable in case of certain airlines.

I selected the wrong prefix (Mr. /Mrs.) to a passenger's name while booking. How can I get this changed?

Just call Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care at 1800 2585 625. Give your Booking Ref No. We'll find out if your airline supports title change and if it does, we'll pass on your details to them. If the airline doesn’t allow title change, you'll have to cancel and then re-book the ticket with the correct title.

I'm taking a connecting flight. Will I need to change terminals?

In most cases, you will need to change terminals in order to board your connecting flight. Often the terminals are quite distant from each other and you'll need to set aside some extra time to walk from one terminal to another.

Please make it a point to enquire about your terminal as soon as you arrive at the airport, since gate numbers and terminals can change at the last moment.

In that case I'm worried that I won't have enough time and miss my connecting flight?

If you're concerned that you may not have enough time between your flights, please contact Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care at 1800 2585 625. They’ll tell you the duration of your transit and how long it will take you to go from one terminal to another.

Can I book international tickets for infants on Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

Yes, you can book tickets for infants and children on Saraswat Bank Rewardz. However, we do not yet book tickets for unaccompanied minors. When booking international flights for infants, please keep these points in mind:

Every passenger (including infants and minors) requires a valid passport. Infants and children must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old. You can book no more than one infant (under 2 years) per adult. But one adult can fly with a child and an infant.

The infant must be under 24 months of age while travelling the outbound sector to qualify for an infant fare.

Can I book a seat on an international flight for an infant?

As a child under 2 years of age does not legally require a seat to fly, it's really up to you to decide whether the infant should have a seat or no. Which is the reason why the cost of a ticket for an infant is different from the cost of a ticket for a child who is more than 2 years old (children over the age of 2, however, must have their own seat). To book a seat for an infant, please select child at the time of search and the cost will be provided.

How much baggage can I carry?

Cabin and checked-in baggage limit varies from airline to airline. Some airlines have baggage weight restrictions and others have a specific number of pieces permitted. Please note that restrictions on baggage apply to both checked-in bags as well as cabin baggage. Often, you’ll be asked to pay for any checked-in luggage that exceeds the weight permitted. Cabin luggage that exceeds the weight limit is not permitted and will have to be checked in. Please check with your airline.

Can I book a special meal through Saraswat Bank Rewardz?

Sorry, Saraswat Bank Rewardz website currently does not support this feature. Please contact the airline directly.

Can Saraswat Bank Rewardz arrange for wheelchairs?

Sorry, Saraswat Bank Rewardz website currently does not support this feature. Please contact the airline directly.

How can I cancel my redemption for the flight ticket?

Cancellations are not permitted for flights redeemed through Saraswat Bank Reward Points only.

What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed?

You will need to check with the airline with which you have booked your seat(s). Delays/cancellations are governed by the respective airline policies.

Movie Tickets

Can I choose my seat at the cinema?

Yes, you have the choice of re-selecting/changing your seats at every step of the transaction till the time you make a payment.

How many movie tickets can I book in one transaction?

You are permitted to book a maximum of 10 movie tickets per transaction.

How can I confirm whether my movie tickets have been booked?

Once a booking is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail and an SMS stating the same.

I accidentally booked my movie tickets for today instead of tomorrow, can you change the tickets?

Sorry, it is not possible to replace or refund movie tickets once they have been booked.

Can I change my seat(s)?

No, it is not possible to change your seat(s) once they have been booked and confirmed.

Can I change the show time that I have booked for?

No, it is not possible to change your movie tickets for different show timings once they have been booked and confirmed.

Can I cancel or replace my movie ticket(s)?

No, as per government regulations, once a ticket has been paid for, it is deemed as sold, and therefore cannot be replaced or cancelled.

What time before the show can I redeem my Saraswat Bank Rewards Points to get movie tickets?

You must redeem your points at least 4 hours before the show timing. For example, should you wish to go for a movie show at 11pm on the 15th of April, you must redeem your points and make your booking request by at least 7pm on the 15th of April.

How will I get my tickets?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will be required to take a printout of your booking confirmation and carry it with you to the box office at the cinema. Your movie tickets will be at the box office, and on request, they will be handed over to you.


How many days will it take to get my reward merchandise delivered?

Your reward merchandise will be delivered within 7 working days.

What if the product reaches my mentioned delivery address when I am away or not available?

Should this occur, we will attempt to deliver the product on the next business day once again. Kindly assure your availability.

What should I do if I want to change my delivery address?

This is not applicable, change of delivery address is not allowed

What should I do if the reward merchandise delivered to me is not what I had ordered?

In that case, please call and report the same to Customer Care on 1800 2585 625 within one business day of the delivery of the product.

What should I do if the reward merchandise is found to be damaged or defective?

In such a scenario, we request you to please call Customer Care on 1800 2585 625 within one business day from the delivery of the product and report the same. We will replace the item.

What should I do if I ordered the wrong item?

Please call our Customer Care on 1800 2585 625 before your redemption request is processed in order to change or cancel your redemption order.

Mobile/DTH Recharge

Is Mobile/DTH Recharge offered on Saraswat Bank Rewardz Online Portal?

Yes, Saraswat Bank Rewardz allows its customers to recharge their pre-paid mobile phones or their DTH accounts using their Saraswat Bank Reward Points.

Why my recharge request is not going through?

A request can be invalid on account of the following reasons:

  1. Invalid subscriber ID/mobile number.
  2. Using a post-paid mobile number instead of pre-paid.
  3. Subscriber ID/mobile number which does not pertain to the list of mentioned operators.
  4. Incorrect/unacceptable recharge value.
What if I do not get any confirmation message from the operator?

Once the recharge is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator as well as an email from Saraswat Bank. In case of non-receipt of confirmation message, please check the talk-time/viewing limit of your mobile phone service. If the account balance does not increase, please contact our Customer Care desk on 1800 2585 625 with the details of mobile number, time and date of recharge, recharge amount and the Order ID mentioned on your receipt.You can register a complaint with our customer service desk on 1800 2585 625 within 7 days from the date of your recharge. No complaint can be registered after 7 days.

Hotel Booking

Can additional guests stay in a room?

Most hotels allow additional guests to stay in a room for an extra charge as long as the room doesn't exceed the maximum number of guests allowed per room. If you book a room that cannot accommodate your group, the hotel may cancel your reservation or require that you book additional rooms. If you have doubts, check directly with your hotel for their extra-guest charges and the maximum number of people allowed in the room you’ve booked.

Our children will be traveling with us - do they stay for free?

When making your booking, select the number of children traveling with you from the 'Children' drop-down box. If you select just 1 child, our search will give you the price of a double room with child, not including an extra bed. If you want an extra bed in the room, you need to increase the number of persons in your search.

How do I know if my booking was successful?

We'll send you an email and SMS confirmation for your hotel booking.

Do I need to confirm my booking?

No, you don't. You can also contact the hotel directly if you prefer. However, it may take upto 12 hours for the booking to reflect at the hotel.

What if I don't get a confirmation at the time of booking?

If a confirmation page doesn't display once you complete your booking, check your email for a confirmation. If you don't get an email confirmation within 30 minutes, let us know at or contact Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care at 1800 2585 625 and we'll send you your confirmation details.

I did not get an email confirmation. What do I do?

If you don't receive an email after making a reservation, it could be that we have the wrong email ID in our system or your Internet Service Provider blocked the email assuming that it was spam. Check your spam folder and add our email address - - to your address book so that it doesn't get filtered out next time. In the meantime, contact Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care at 1800 2585 625 so we can send you an email confirmation. Please keep the following information ready so that our customer care executive can assist you.

  1. The name with which the reservation was made
  2. The hotel name and location (city)
  3. The check-in/check-out dates
How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?

The time it takes for a hotel to get your booking information varies by specific hotel and arrival date. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation information within 12 hours of the time you made your booking (except for nights and weekends when the hotel’s reservation department is closed). Please note that this doesn’t apply to bookings made for the same day.

What is my hotel's check–in time?

Typically, the hotel check-in time is after 2:00 pm (local time). Check with your specific hotel for its exact check-in time.

Will the hotel hold my room if I'm arriving late?

Since your reservation is guaranteed with a credit card, the hotel is obliged to hold your room till 7am, the day after your planned arrival date.

What if I'm going to arrive early?

If you know you're going to arrive early at your hotel, contact our Customer Support Team. We'll do our best to accommodate your request, but it’s ultimately subject to the terms and conditions of the hotel.

How do I get a receipt or invoice for my hotel booking?

Log in to your Saraswat Bank Rewardz Account with your User ID and password. Once you successfully login, go to "Transaction History" under "My Account" to view all your upcoming and completed trips. You can view/print your receipt by clicking on Booking Ref No.

In case you do not want to log in, please contact Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care at 1800 2585 625 so we can send you the receipt. You will need to provide your Booking ID and your email address given at the time of booking to retrieve your booking details.

How do I cancel my hotel booking?

Hotel cancellations are not permitted for bookings made through Saraswat Bank Reward Points.

How do I modify a hotel booking?

Saraswat Bank Rewardz treats modification of hotel bookings as cancellation with a new booking. You'll have to cancel your existing booking and make a new one. Please contact Saraswat Bank Rewardz Customer Care at 1800 2585 625 for more details.